Rocky Mt. PBS Kids Fair


On September 10, 2016, The annual Rocky Mt . PBS Kids Fair was running from 10 AM to 2 PM. The packed street fair was held at Bannock and 11th in the downtown Denver area. It was open to the general public, and focused on kids who love the PBS Kids TV shows.

There were plenty of super fun activities. There were PBS live shows where you got to meet PBS characters; tennis; bouncy castles; vendors everywhere, mad science and musical instrument booths; and live bands with an ASL interpreter. That was really appreciated.

Educational opportunities included a dental booth and show, a mobile library bus, a firetruck and fire fighters giving a safety speech; and a tricycle obstacle course run by the police.

This festival also provided food trucks selling things like tacos, ice cream, and snow cones. Another feature of the fair was a lost child center (always a smart move at crowded, confusing fairs).

Overall, the Rocky Mt. PBS Kids Fair was a total blast, enjoyable for everyone.