Thornghost begins with a young farm boy named Niklas, who often thieves from the surrounding farms. He used to do this with a girl named Lin, though she moved to the city. But not everything is as it seems. A terrifying beast is prowling the nearby forest, killing without mercy. No one has even gotten a good look at the thing. And mysterious new facts about his mother’s death and past are resurfacing, leading Niklas to a curious talking lynx he named Secret, and to believe that the beast is something out of his own imagination brought to life.

Finding a portal to another world, one of a child’s imagination, he and Secret uncover a plot driven by the evil Sparrow King’s madness for revenge and attempt to stop him from killing the few survivors of the violence that occurred when the Nightmares took over. Now the Nightmares, the Sparrow King and a troll witch named Rafsa at their head, are trying to take over the human world, too.

Can Niklas, Secret, and their newfound friends stop the invaders and uncover the terrible secret of the Sparrow King, the dog Sebastifer, and Erika, Niklas’s own mother?

Read the book to find out. The line between reality and dreams is blurred in this epic novel; where one learns of true courage, meaningful sacrifice, and the infinite power of love itself.

Tone Almhjell has also written the book The Twistrose Key. It and Thornghost share a character and have many of the same plot twists, though you do not have to read them in any particular order.