Sea Spell Makes Waves as Finale of the Waterfire Saga


In the shocking finale of the spell-binding series, the Waterfire Saga, the fate of the underwater world is at stake and the only thing the mermaids can do to save it is to listen to the enemy. Sea Spell, by New York Times best-selling author, Jennifer Donnelly, is the alluring story of 6 mermaids, Serafina, Ling, Neela, Astrid, Ava, and Becca, who are descendants of the seas most powerful rulers and are brought together to form a bloodbound sisterhood, and to uncover a secret conspiracy that could destroy the underwater world.


Together they must each find a hidden talisman that will be the key to conquering a thousand year old monster named Abbadon in the depths of the sea. Another problem arises when Serafina’s evil Uncle Vallerio takes over Serafina’s realm, kills thousands of innocent mer and starts a war that makes the realms fall apart. In this shocking finale of the series, Serafina, Neela, Ling, and Becca must fight with their Black Fins, a group of refugees that are preparing for war against Vallerio, to regain Serafina’s throne. Meanwhile, Ava must continue searching for a lost talisman and Astrid must get close to the powerful, immortal ruler, Orfeo, the creator and master of Abbadon, to find out the secret to killing Abbadon. In the midst of the fighting, Sera must hide a secret love, Astrid must gain confidence, and Ava must realize there was a reason for her being blind.


This novel was not your average mermaid book and it was the perfect mix of fantasy, action, romance, and mystery. It was a fantastic addition to this series, and shows that anyone can do anything even if it seems hard. However, sometimes the wording and plot was confusing even after being read multiple times, especially if you had not read the earlier books. This is because the main storyline is only explained in a short summary. Despite its flaws, the book has breathtaking descriptions of the underwater world and the mermaids which allows you to be able to feel like you’re swimming alongside them. Another unique part of this book is that all the characters are completely different and even if you can’t relate to a certain character, you can definitely relate to other characters. Every chapter kept you wanting more and there was no boring moments. There is some romance, not too much, but it is one of the main plot points in the book. This is supposedly the finale of the Waterfire series, but the end has a slight cliffhanger, so a new spin-off could arise.


The 357 page book is probably suitable for ages 12 and up because of occasional cussing, romance, war and gory moments, and confusing reading. This novel is an amazing read for anyone, so the next time you’re out looking for a book, I would highly recommend Sea Spell, but you should probably read the other books first.