Fun facts about 40 presidents.


“Your Presidential Fantasy Dream Team” by Daniel O’Brien is a book about presidents, starting with George Washington all the way to Ronald Reagan. For each president, the author talks about the president’s childhood, weaknesses, strengths and adds humorous stories. For example, when Herbert Hoover was two, his parents thought Hoover was dead so they pronounced him dead, but…he wasn’t! After each president’s chapter, the author sums up the presidency in a sentence. For example, for William Henry Harrison, the summary was: “ Um…he died thirty-two days after being inaugurated after lying his way into office, so …no.”


Each president is rated on whether or not he would make the presidential fantasy dream team. O’Brien uses the following rating: Brains, Brawn, Loose Cannon, Moral Compass and Roosevelt. Brains is someone who is smart, Brawn is someone who is strong/fit, Loose Canon is whether he is just crazy, Moral Compass is to stand strong for greatness, and Roosevelt is all of the above.


I would rate this book on a scale from 0-10 a 10 because it’s funny. Other books about presidents tell facts but with barely any humor. I recommend “Your Presidential Fantasy Dream Team” for ages 9 to 95 because there might be some words that younger kids might not understand for example, bribery or arrogant. Also there is some bad language. You could go to school and learn a lot of important facts about presidents or you could stay home, read this book and learn things you’ll never learn in school.