Havern School – 50 years of small school and big family



Havern School (located in Lakewood, Colorado) celebrates 50 years.


Havern is a small school that specializes in teaching kids who have learning disabilities. The school was started by the Sisters of Loretto in 1966. There were 24 students that first year and approximately 90 students today. It was governed by the Sisters until 1970, then it became an independent school with a Board of Trustees.


I talked with Sister Barbara. Her favorite thing about being at the school is getting to see all of the kids. She was a teacher at Havern for ten years. It was quite a bit of work to get the school up and running. She studied for two years to learn how to start the school. She has lived at the Loretto center since 1960’s. This means that she worked and lived in the same place! This is because the Sisters and the school share the same building.


This week Havern School celebrated by taking an aerial photo from a drone of a group of people made up of students, teachers, the Sisters of Loretto, and staff standing in the shape of the number 50. They also served cookies with the Havern School colors as the frosting. Little gifts were also passed out to the students to remember the big day.


I was a student at Havern for four years. It was fun. The class sizes are small and that means you can get a lot of help when you need it. During my time at Havern I learned how to work with my dyslexia, became more confident and learned to believe in myself. I will always hold good memories of my time at Havern.