Washington Week Sneak Peek


On September 9, 2016, Washington Week with Gwen Ifillfilmed a special Colorado edition on the Colorado College campus in bright and beautiful Colorado Springs! When you enter into the set your astonished because it reminds you of a mini sports stadium! The rows were in half circles all descending down. Kristy Milligan a local PBS affiliate, shared what exactly the political fun fact show, does! Right now they are focusing on the 2016 Presidential election candidates.

Matt Loffman, Multimedia producer of Washington Week explained that they chose to do a special edition on Colorado because, a lot of political buzz has just taken place here in the Mile High state. Colorado Springs specifically has a great deal of diverse groups, such as military, religious conservatives, and several liberal colleges. Matt also gave an inside scoop on the set pieces on stage! The white pillars on the set came from a real debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders! The bold red rug that is a centerpiece on the set came from a town hall meeting in Indiana with President Obama!

The entire crew takes a whole day and a half just to set up for one episode. The crew has to paint the floors blue, hang the blue drapes, place the red rug, black table, gray chairs and so much more! Then they have to pack it all up, travel, and do it all over again! After the crew was done getting the set ready and went for a 30 minute lunch break, I was given permission to stand on the set and talk to Troy Mosley the Production Manager for Washington Week. He informed me that there are about 50 people on the crew of  Washington Week. Wow! That’s a lot of people.

A huge honor was given to me before the taping. I was escorted to the Green Room to meet GWEN! She was doing an interview for a local radio station in the back room. There were a lot of people waiting to meet her, including the President on Colorado College Jill Tiefenthaler, she was very excited about the show airing on campus. The Green Room had lots of seating, a make up room, a really nice snack table with fruits, goodies, and water and more! When I met Gwen she was very kind and inspiring ” What would you say to people who want to be just like you?” , I asked. She pondered for a second then gave me a brilliant response. “To work hard, learn how to write, stay curious and, and assume that everyone has a point of view.” Gwen also shared that she wanted to be a journalist at the age of 12! Woah! That is a great example for us kid reporters.

Then the show began!  It was almost a full house in the theater! The crew was in continuous motion to assure that Washington Week taped very smoothly. From the Camera and Sound men, to the makeup lady, and the shows producers and assistants, everyone does their job in excellence.  Even the audience participated with thoughtful question for Gwen and her guests journalist. Hope this Sneak Peek filled your brain with knowledge about what happens behind the scenes of Washington Week!