Kid Escape Book


The “Adventurer’s Guide to Successful Escapes” by Wade Albert White is a book about Anne, Penelope, and Hiro’s quest experience (I will get back to this.)


As background, the world has been broken up into small masses of floating land called the Hierarchy. One of these land masses is called a tier. Anne and Penelope lived on the St. Lupins tier which had the St. Lupin’s Institute for Perpetually Hideous and Wicked Children. This is an orphanage that is a very clean place (thanks to the orphans) and has a lot of small rooms. It is dark, has mines underneath it (that the kids have to work in) and is overall a horrid place.


The Matron is in charge of St. Lupins. She is a mean lady with a metal cane who forces the kids to do lots of chores to keep the facility spotless. She also makes them work in the coal mines so they get little sleep and no play time.


To cope, Anne daydreams about leaving St. Lupins and starting a life of her own. She technically is allowed to, but she cannot leave because she does not have a birth certificate to prove where she came from. She is stuck.


A rightful heir quest is her best chance of getting out. A rightful heir quest is a journey of puzzles. Whatever tier she ends the quest on, she will own. In order to receive a quest, you must have on a gauntlet. Also, you need a quest medallion in the palm of the gauntlet. Jocelyn is an instructor at the Institute. She went to a quest academy and brought Anne a gauntlet because her mother had given her instructions to find Anne and give her the gauntlet before she died.

There are 12 levels of quests and a time limit. However, something interesting happens to Anne. Anne receives a level 13 quest and has four days to complete it. You usually get about a year. Anne must have two people join her for the quest. She chooses her old friends Penelope and Jocelyn. The book takes you through her journey. Wizards, dragons, possessed knights, this book has it all.


I found the book to be easy to read and exciting. I would definitely recommend it, especially for people that enjoy fantasy.