Sweet Toothed Sleuths!


The Candy Makers and the Great Chocolate Chase is a novel written by Wendy Mass that is choco-filled with candy-coated friendships and adventures that will satisfy your sweet tooth!
Logan, Miles, Daisy, and Philip are back again for another sweet candy making experience!

Since Philip’s sugar-coated victory, the Harmonicandy, there have been some modifications at the Life Is Sweet candy factory for the production of Philip’s candy masterpiece.
All of the kids are going on a road trip for a publicity tour to introduce the Harmonicandy to subsidiary-like stores, but they find that the chocolate used in the Harmonicandys for mass production is not the same chocolate that Philip used in the Harminocandy sample that he submitted for the candy making contest. For the candy making contest, the rule is that all of the ingredients used in the sample candy must be the same in the candy if it is mass-produced. Logan, Miles, Daisy, and Philip find out that the chocolate used in the sample Harmonicandy was made from rare blue cocoa beans and must scramble to find more of the rare cocoa beans before the Harmonicandy is fully mass produced so that they abide by the candy making contest’s rules.

Logan is sent a mysterious box that contains information, pictures, and other items that relate to his late grandfather and he asks his friend, Miles to sort through the box and keep his eyes out for anything meaningful or interesting that would be important. From that box, a mysterious letter emerges that later unravels shocking information that links the storyline together.

This novel is an image of the mastery of anticipation. Because of all of the separate storylines and unpredictable plot twists that are crucial to the story, this book is a lengthy read with 529 pages. It takes quite a while to read, but it is surely worth it!