Circus with Big Cats, Unicycles, Ice Skaters, and Much More


The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey “Out of This World” show is at the Denver Coliseum until October 9, 2016. This circus is a combination of animals and acrobats along with various types of stunts.

The circus takes place inside of a huge building. In addition to the show, there were a lot of concessions and stands for shopping. You could buy toys, food and drinks, stuffed animals, pictures, and other types of souvenirs. For example, cotton candy in a sack with a stick on it so that you can carry it over your shoulder, a snow cone with a holder in the shape of a jaguar (and other animals), or a box of popcorn with a tiger symbol on it.

The show itself was exciting and sometimes scary. The first act was about space acrobatics. The performers wore spacesuit costumes and did a lot of acrobatics. The set made it look like you and the performers are on the moon. They even had some of the performers up in the ceiling!

The circus had a storyline around a boy named Johnathan and his friend that wanted to grow up to be ring masters. However the best circus in the world only needs one ring master, and Johnathan’s friend was chosen to be that ring master. Johnathan then is employed by another circus that is not that friendly. You’ll find out how the story unfolds, but it includes multiple planets, a space crew, ice skaters, a ring master, unicycles, a jaguar, and some clowns.

Each act focused on a specific planet and had unique performances at each one. For example, the sand planet scene was a big cat show including 14 big cats with 4 female lions, 2 male lions, and 8 tigers. There was a trainer in the cage with the animals. He used a small whip like thing that guided the cats to where they were to go that did not hurt them. They did a lot of tricks.

The ice planet scene involved a lot of ice skaters, unicycles, fireworks, and a snowball fight. The ice planet even had a family of motorcyclists (8 of them) that were biking in a metal ball, and people playing basketball on unicycles.

The fire planet had a fire scene where they took out torches and lit the ground on fire. After the flames were extinguished they had a lot of horse tricks that included people riding on a horse and jumping off and on while still hanging on! There were some pretty cool acrobatics too.

Other animals that I remember seeing include a wallaby, 2 huge pigs, about 12 dogs, 4 alpaca, 3 llamas, and 2 goats with really long horns. If you have time and love stunts, then the trip is worth it.