The Denver Philharmonic Concert


The Philharmonic concert is an absolutely gorgeous classical performance. For this specific concert they played Leonore Overture, Trumpet Concerto, Overture to Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg, and Symphony No. 5, each piece brought new and exciting emotions, you almost couldn’t help but tap your foot along!
Before the concert, there is a variety of games which you can compete in to win some sort of prize. There is also a couple food trucks which have barbeque, cupcakes, and other miscellaneous things you can try out. The orchestra performs at a church in the heart of Denver so it has a bit of an urban feel but still has the beloved classical charm to it. Getting to my seat and ready to watch was very a very organized process, within minutes of walking through the door I was seated and ready.
This concert was the grand opening of their new stage called The Antonia Brico stage which is named after the first woman conductor. They named their stage after her to honor and remember her and to keep in mind that without her, our musical world wouldn’t be the same as it is today.
Either in intermission or, anyone can speak with the performers, I was pleasantly surprised that they let you do that because in a lot of the concerts I’ve been to you couldn’t speak to the musicians.
For each concert the music director, Lawrence Golan, decides the songs they play and after he establishes that he decides who will be doing the solo. For this concert Ryan Spencer did a trumpet solo. Spencer said to memorize a solo of that complexity it takes several months but differs from each song.
The Philharmonic Orchestra even has their own YouTube series called Playing Out where you can go get to know the musicians on a deeper level rather than just seeing them perform. They made it so you can relate more to the people in the orchestra.
Overall, I had a fantastic time at the concert, it was so lively and fun to watch. You could tell the audience and the musicians were so happy to be there and it made the orchestra feel like a community.
Golan already has the second concert all planned out, it’s called Pulling out All the Stops featuring the Organ.