Why is the Seventh Wish so important?


The Seventh Wish by Kate Messner started out with an Irish-dance loving girl named Charlie, whose sister has started to act a little weird.


After she has stomach problems, Charlie’s older sister Abby, has to take a trip to the hospital. Once they run some tests on her they find that she has been using heroin, which is an addicting drug.


Meanwhile, Charlie has missed a huge feis, a big Irish dance competition, because of the hospital visit that she has to go to for Abby.


Abby is then recommended to a camp where addicts go to improve their health and try to stop using drugs. During the time that Abby is at camp Charlie goes fishing and comes across an emerald eyed fish that talks and says that it will grant her seven wishes if she lets him go back to where he belongs.


But Charlie finds that there are some consequences to the wishes. For instance, when she wishes for her friend to be good at basketball tryouts, she forgets to wish for him to be good during the actual game.


With her seventh, and last wish, Charlie risks it all to help her sister. Will it work? Will her sister ever get better?

This book is recommended for kids 8-10 but I would recommend this for someone 12 and up because it talks about heroin and other drugs. I would give this book five stars. It had great describing words and never left me hanging at the end of a chapter.