Just Released Awesome Mythical Pokemon Cards



This is a review of the Mythical Pokemon collection trading card game and a stuffed animal (a Pikachu that is battery operated).

The Mythical Pokemon collection comes with a collector’s pin, one special foil card, and 2 booster packs of (Generations) cards which are great if you want to start or expand your collection. I am reviewing Victini and Arceus trading card sets.

Pokemon is basically a card trading game where you collect cards and, depending on the HP (health) and the damage that it can distribute, you use your cards to fight other trainers and sometimes if you fight the other trainers and win you can get some of their cards. You go around battling people with your cards trying to get more cards until you become the ultimate Pokemon collector.

I got some really good cards in the booster packs including Rapidash, Flareon EX (3 of them), Venusaur EX, Megearna EX, Mantine, Victini and Arceus foil cards, Bastiodon, Galvantula, Sylveon, Azumarill, Infernape, and Diancie.

Compared to other decks, these were ones that I’ve had the most luck pulling multiple good cards from.

The stuffed animal Pikachu is cute, soft, and cuddly with sounds and actions (battery operated). It should be fun for kids all ages.

I recommend these decks to serious Pokemon collectors because they do tend to have good cards in them. I have a collection of about 130 cards so this is a good boost for me. I am now excited to go online and play the game. The game is in my opinion fun and interactive, although
to newcomers it can be a bit confusing.

For me, I find the card game to be more interactive than the Pokemon Go app. I find it easier to play anywhere that I am, I can take it anywhere with me without needing a phone and power. I prefer the original cards over the app. The app is still fun but, people keep getting hurt because of it and are also quitting their jobs to play it. Do not play this app while biking. The game is not worth a life.

On a scale of 1-10 I would rate this product a 7. The Pikachu was soft and fun. The cards would be good for ages 6+ because anyone younger might not understand it. The Pikachu is good for all ages because it is not a real choking hazard.