Luvin Arms Farm Animal Sanctuary



Peter is one lucky pig to be taken in by a Colorado farm animal sanctuary. Otherwise,
he would have died.

Peter is one of the 30 animals saved by Shaleen Shah and his family, who
started the Luvin Arms Farm Animal Sanctuary in Lafayette last year.
“we created this farm so we can help people connect with farm animals, so they
can see that these animals are just as intelligent and loving as dogs and cats
we have in our homes,” says Shah.

Shah is VERY grateful for all the volunteers who helped make Luvin Arms possible.
At the farm there are goats, ducks, horses, chickens, pigs, roosters, and

Peter is a 400 pound brown and red pig who came from the Agricultural Heritage
Center in Longmont that was going to slaughter him and his brother Desmond
and make them into meat. “But someone who worked there fell in love with
them and wanted to give them a chance at a full life.” says Shah.

Alfie the goat came from a dairy farm.”At all dairies whether they have goats or
cows, the boy babies are not wanted” says Shah. “Alfie was going to be sold to
someone who would have eaten him, so instead he got to come to Luvin Arms.”

Walter is a turkey at the farm. His owner moved one day and left him and three
ducks without food or water. The three ducks and Walter were going to starve
to death, but then a neighbor called Luvin Arms and so Walter and his duck
friends were rescued.

Luvin Arms is moving to a larger farm on 40 acres in Erie in November and
could use donations. Please visit their website