Between Worlds


“Between Worlds,” by Skip Brittenham is a story of two teenagers who dream of a life of adventure filled with magic that would bring them closer together. They get what they ask for, but it isn’t what they expected. This is a world full of danger around every corner, with creatures that could be friendly or could be hunting you.


An enormous aspen tree loomed before Mayberry and Marshall, two best friends. They felt a slight warmth emanate from it and suddenly the urge to lie down and sleep was overwhelming. Seconds later, they wake up, not on Earth, but in the magical world they had asked for. The aspen tree they had stumbled upon was the legendary wishing tree.


Not even an hour in, they run into seemingly gentle and unhostile buffalo like animals. They charge and Mayberry and Marshall are forced into the river, hoping the animals can’t swim. After quickly finding out that they have not won yet, they believe that they are doomed. Suddenly, a pair of human-like hands pulls them out of the water just as the animal rushes by. This is more than Mayberry and Marshall asked for. Are these new creatures safe? Will Mayberry and Marshall survive and be able to get back to Earth?


This is a book for ages 10 and up because of a bit of romance, but generally easy language. It was fun to read and included lots of imagery that brought the story to life. There were twists and turns on every page that made me run into walls trying to read and walk. Not only did the story include much imagery, but there were illustrations to help picture the many animals and scenarios that the two friends encountered in their world.


This book was a quick read. If you are in need of a good story to pass the time, let your imagination fly with “Between Worlds” by Skip Brittenham.


(The augmented reality app that was supposed to go with the book did not work and would not open on any device.)