The Strange Doctor Strange


Doctor Strange is by far one of the more strange things that has been created recently.

The movie begins with the classic tortured ‘nobody’ story in which the superhero is motivated to become a superhero. Beginning with the successful and arrogant, Doctor Strange, a neurosurgeon who has saved many lives, it quickly moves into his afflicted journey after he is in a catastrophic car accident in which he is left with hands that shake uncontrollably. This leaves him unable to continue his work as a surgeon and he goes on a voyage to Nepal where he finds a cure in the form of a magical teacher. Within the movie you then follow Strange’s voyage to conquer the evil that threatens Earth’s safety With the magic he has learned as part of his healing.

Though the storyline has been done many times before, Doctor Strange has given me a new appreciation for Marvel productions.

Throughout the movie there is skillful foreshadowing in which you are constantly on your toes. Another fantastic aspect to this film is the cinematography. Scenes are breathtaking with the illusions being portrayed in awe-inspiring shots and watching this particular movie in 3D makes you become a part of the film. There are some angles that are bizarre and I haven’t seen any movie that has utilized such techniques as those used in this particular motion picture.

A part of this film that stood out from other new-fangled movies is the fact that they used ‘modern magic’ to tell the story. And though there is humor incorporated, it isn’t suffocating. Finally, I enjoyed how there was a female character that was prominent throughout most of the movie. This ‘heroine’ was strong and a breath of fresh air in a world where movies mostly have a male hero/lead.

Two weaknesses to this movie is the predictable storyline and the fact that Benedict Cumberbatch has an American accent (I mean c’mon, Marvel!), but even then this movie has mainly positive qualities.

All in all, I would recommend Doctor Strange to tweens and older, as some scenes are quite intense, but not gory. This movie isn’t the normal Marvel sha-bang and I like the aspects of almost freakish and out-of-the ordinary camera angles and plot details.