Don’t Stay Away from this Mud


Rash. Blisters. Itching. If you have any of these symptoms then you have been a victim of the fuzzy mud as Louis Sachar states in the novel Fuzzy Mud. 33 miles of forest lay in between Woodridge Academy and Sunray Farms to keep the two structures apart. Sunray Farms had developed a new Biolene thesis which is an alternative to gasoline, a kind of high energy bacteria to be used as fuel. Ergie, short for ergonym, is a single celled high energy microorganism. But here’s the catch. The first gallon of Biolene cost around 500 million dollars but the second gallon, about 19 cents. One ergonym, capable of reproduction. Biolene could cause a world crisis.


Tamaya Dhilwaddi was one of the 289 students that attended Woodridge. Marshall Walsh was one of Tamaya’s good friends and they walked the several miles home together. Marshall didn’t have as much friend success as Tamaya did. His whole life had been ruined by Chad Hilligas, the school oppressor. Tamaya waited outside for him dreading the long walk home. Apparently they were taking a short cut straight through the woods instead of going around like they normally did. Marshall claimed he knew the way home through the woods, but Tamaya thought different. There was some weird mud that appeared to have a thin layer of fuzz on it. Chad met them halfway through the woods. He lunges at Marshall and punches him several times in the face. Reflexes brought Tamaya to smash the fuzzy mud in Chads face. The two companions made their way home and away from Chad. Small red bumps and crusty flesh appeared on Tamaya’s arm after the attack. It only got worse from there. A bloody itchy crusty rash started covering Tamaya’s whole arm. Was it the mud? And Chad had never returned home after their meet in the woods. If the mud affected Tamaya’s arm like that then Chad had to be way worse. Alone in the woods, with a rash for a face.


This book is probably for ages 9+. If you love Science fiction then this book is perfect for you. It had a great balance of story and science. The 181 page novel was interesting and fun to read. It actually made me kind of scared that I might become a victim of the fuzzy mud.