Beautiful story about an ugly kid who finds his spot in life


“Ugly” by Robert Hoge, is a book about a child who was born with a baseball size tumor in his head, and his legs welded together. His legs were inseparable, so the doctors used surgery to get rid of the tumor, (which had taken up the nose’s spot) and cut off one of the legs. They used cartilage from one of the feet to mold Robert a nose. And, having one leg that was useless, robert could not walk because his foot was stuck in an awkward position. So, the doctors cut off that leg and gave him to prosthetic legs. Robert first walked correctly when he was 3.


He had trouble finding a sport he could compete in. But, when he finally got through elementary school to middle, he found his sport. “Lawn Bowling”. With no real legs, it was just about the only sport he could play. His coach’s name was Frank, and Frank’s son made Robert a special support stand because he could not be in the normal position, where you bend your knees. He had no knees to bend. Lawn bowling is where one player throws a small ball, called a jack, down the field.Then, players alternate rolling weighted balls down the field. Once everyone has no balls left, you check to see who’s ball landed closest to the jack. That determines the winner.


However, once he had the support stand, he got really good. Soon he was playing competitive in the adult league. Robert did not just find a sport he could play, he found a sport that he excelled at.


I would rate this book a 9.5 on a scale of 1 to 10 because it had lots of facts from a real life story, added in with just the right amount of creativity. This is a really awesome book that I recommend to ages 9 and up.