The Mile High Magician’s Society recently hosted their annual “Magic Beyond Belief 11” show at the Lakewood Cultural Center. It featured 14 performers doing all types of magic. William Rader and Gene R. Gordon were both featured in the show.


First, let me explain magic a bit. Most kids think about a rabbit coming out of a hat. However, there are actually many different types of magic. I will now describe mentalism, close-up magic, and stage magic. Mentalism is a form of magic where you read someone’s mind or make a prediction. Close-up is a form of magic where it is being done right in front of you and the person you are doing it for could actually reach out and touch it. For example, when you are doing a card trick and they pick a card from your hand, that would be considered close-up magic. Stage magic is a form of magic where magic is done on a stage in front of a large crowd, using big props, and is more of a show than it is a highly interactive experience. For example, this is where a rabbit may pop out of a hat.

William Rader ( is the editor for the Mile High Magician’s Society (MHMS). Will is a magician that has been practicing magic for 13 years. He told me that he started when he was a freshman in high school. He likes mentalism and close-up magic. He enjoys mentalism because he finds it interesting to figure out how the mind works. He enjoys close-up magic because it is the most personal form of magic, in his opinion, because the audience is right there and can basically reach out and touch the magic. He typically performs for adults and practices frequently – almost daily.


Gene R. Gordon ( is a full time, semi-professional that specializes in close-up magic. He has been practicing magic for 30 years. He loves to do kids shows. He told me that he has done 1000’s of kid shows. He first became interested in magic when he was younger and worked at a magic shop. Gene is a very active member of the MHMS. Gene said that one of the interesting things about being a magician is that you become very good friends with other magicians.


As you can see, magic is a lot more than what meets the eye. Whether you are an adult or child, there are so many different forms of magic. there is always a type for you. If you are interested in learning more about magic, then visit the Society of Young Magicians website for more information (