Simply Magical


Ecstatic teenagers stampede through bookstores, ravenous to purchase their soon-to-be favorite novels. Gold and Red woolen hats fly off of heads, and costume cloaks billow. This was the mentality of the Harry Potter saga, the literary and cinematic phenomenon that just gained another story. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, screenplay by J.K. Rowling and directed by David Yates, is no disappointment to its precedent.

Newt Scamander(Eddie Redmayne) is a British Caretaker for Magical Creatures, with a suitcase containing infinite ecosystems and rescued beings. After finishing his manuscript, he travels to New York City to continue his journey, where strange disturbances have been occurring, that even non-wizard Americans are observing. And, when a magical mishap results in Scamander’s case being opened, even more questions will arise, and even more disruption will wreak havoc. With the assistance of strangers, the disdain of speculators, and the possibly impending mistake of revealing the wizarding community, join Scamander on his trek of attempting to repair both blemishes and catastrophes.

While there are many words to describe this film, the most accurate is simply magical. With astounding quality of every artistic aspect, a gripping storyline with radical twists, and delightful easter eggs that will entertain Harry Potter lovers and non-lovers, it is utterly phenomenal.

To begin, the production quality is impressive, as the scenes and special effects are gorgeous. The vast amount of mystical monsters are visually stunning, from enormous birds flapping feathery wings to miniscule branches that make viewers’ hearts swoon. Various spells and symbolic objects are striking with how realistic they seem to be. Usage of slow motion is effective, capturing attention at ideal moments, and dramatic music is deliberate. Based on sound alone, a roller coaster of emotions is inflicted. Every actor impresses, for Eddie Redmayne brilliantly executes an awkward, lovable protagonist, Katherine Waterston plays a wonderful, heroic supporting actress, Dan Fogler makes the audience cackle with his hilarious, significant role, and the list continues.

Continuing on, the movie has several intertwining plot lines, each having different levels of intensity and depth. Following the stories of each character and how they connect is intriguing, maintaining the ideology of the series. It’s a perfect balance of comedy, mystery, and literature, and one can mindlessly enjoy the film or get lost in its many pathways. A suspenseful, dark scene will be followed by hilarious hijinks, for laughter is constant until tears ensue. For this reason, it serves best for more mature audiences, as it eventually becomes very intense, and its PG-13 rating is somewhat necessary. Additionally, the feature is a respectful and charming addition to the Harry Potter series, incorporating, but not overbearing beloved aspects. Simultaneously, a consumer with no knowledge of the series will be satisfied.

Prequels are the extra information that audiences crave. However, they can be hated creations, with numerous examples. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is absolutely not one of those movies, and is instead a delightful two hours that will leave both wizards and muggles pleasantly shocked.