Adventure of a Fox’s Life


Do you have any pets at home? I bet you don’t have a pet fox! Peter found a fox kit (a baby fox) in the forest all alone. He decided to raise it and named it Pax. Pax stands for peace.

In the book “Pax” by Sara Pennypacker, she describes how this young boy by the name of Peter raises and then is forced to give up his pet fox because his Dad is going to war, and their family situation has changed. You will experience the journey Peter takes in finding, loving, giving up, and pursuing reconnecting with this loved fox.

Peter is a brave and courageous little boy. He is a happy and excitable boy that enjoys spending a lot of time in forest and playing with his friends. He doesn’t have a mom because she died in a car crash. He also does not have any siblings so it is just he and his dad.

Peter found Pax dying in the forest and saved it. Pax is a really caring fox and feels like he needs to be a guardian to everything around him and to his surroundings. For example, one time when Peter is seven, a fan was put in Peter’s room. Pax sensed danger and saved the house from bursting into flames by chewing through the electrical cord just in time.

However, when Peter’s dad is sent to war, Peter was sent to live with his (grumpy) grandfather over 300 miles from his house and couldn’t bring Pax with him. After he stays at his grandfather’s house for 2 days, this young boy decides to run away in order to find and once again save his pet fox.

Let’s just say Peter had some trouble along the way. I won’t say much more, but I will tip you off that he encounters coyotes, a broken leg bone, and a seemingly crazy woman.

Pax is a chapter book and it is a rather long, yet interesting read. The author spends a lot of time describing the characters so that you feel like you really know Pax and Peter, what they are feeling and what they look like. I recommend this book and believe that they should make a sequel.