Find Out Who You Are


Moana is a story about a young girl finding out who she truly is as she sets out to save her people. To find out who she is, she broke the mold of what her island people expected her to be as the future chief.


As a little girl, Moana was always drawn to the water, despite her father’s discouragement. She was always taught that the island was safe and there was danger beyond the reef. Her father, the chief, discourages her love of the ocean, yet her grandmother only encourages her.


But as Moana’s island suffers around her and their food supply disappearing she finds courage from her grandmother to venture out beyond the reef. As her grandmother lies dying, Moana leaves the island, to go restore the heart of Tehiti.


Moana sets out to find the Demi-God, of wind and sea and the hero of men and women. Maui, who originally stole the heart, is the only one who knows the location of where it needs to be returned. Maui, who is self-centered, fights Moana all the way but reluctantly agrees to try and restore the heart. On their quest to restore the heart they face many obstacles- fighting coconuts, a jewel-encrusted crab, dangerous seas, and getting Maui’s magical hook. Along the way they learn a lot about each other, and learn even more about themselves.


This movie is action packed, with adult humor throughout the entire movie. Her mentally unstable chicken sidekick is the main provider of the humor throughout the movie. The graphics are impeccable, everything looks realistic. The music was incredible, there were many amazing songs throughout the movie. Dwayne Johnson (Maui) and Auli’i Cravalho (Moana) bring this movie to life. Who knew Dwayne Johnson could sing! He definitely pulled it off. Auli’i Cravalho’s voice is amazing, especially for a 15 year old.


The trend of recent Disney movies seem to have an inspirational message throughout them all. Moana is about listening to the voice inside of you, and finding out who you truly are. Overall an amazing movie produced by Disney.