Star Wars Costumes Come to Devnver!


Far Far Away,  in a galaxy 4 decades ago there was a man named George Lucas and he had a brainstorm for a series named Star Wars. Around the world there are thousands of Star Wars fans who would give up everything to see what many can see right now at the Denver Art Museum.


For a period of time Star Wars: The power of costume a new exhibit at the museum will showcase original costumes from all 7 episodes. Every costume seen in the exhibit such as the Jedi/Sith robes, Queen Amidala outifits, and the shells of CP30, R2D2, and BB8.


It all begins with drawings and how to make those drawing come to life in the movies  fully revealed. Iain McCaig, is one of the most famous sketchers for the Star Wars saga. He is recognized as an award winning artist and founder of Ninth Ray Studios LLC. (founded in 2005) He has many accomplishments to be proud of but he is most proud of his service working for the animation and drawing for star wars.


Iain did make it to the showcase and since he is so famous he was surrounded by so many different reporters and press that unfortunately I did not get to talk or interview him.


Moving on, after the artist draws the costume the designer has to try and create a 3D replica of it. Trisha Biggar is a famous brilliant designer for star wars. Sadly, she did not make it to the showcase.


Biggar experimented a great deal and use of 60 seamstress to make costumes that worked with the actors movement on camera. Biggar had hundreds of high class designers to help her create the drawings in 3D. One time the designers made a beautiful dress that was supposed to be worn by Queen Amidala in one of the movies.


It took them a long time to create that dress and the part when she wore it was cut out of the movie. I know I would have been a little upset but they weren’t because every other costume they created was in the movie too, so it wasn‘t that big a deal.


When we got there we were welcomed by storm troopers and then we went to one of the theaters to learn more about the costumes before we saw the exhibits.

Even Governor John Hickenlooper spoke about his experience with Star Wars. He explained how he went to the first movie when it came out and felt like he was actually in a whole different world.


Then all the reporters, press, and guests were separated in groups  and went up stairs one group at a time.  That’s when the exciting part began and we got to see all sorts of costumes. Have you ever wondered how Chewbacca kept cool? Well he had a brown camelback under all that hair, which is on display at the museum.


Every costume was separated into sections. Sith’s with Sith’s, Jedi’s  with  Jedi’s, Alien’s with Alien’s, and Droid’s with Droid’s. Ok, so yes there was a little mixture sometimes between Jedi and Sith costumes only to make a cooler affect.


So, make sure to visit the Denver Art Museum before April, while everything is still there you may never get this chance again!