Go On a Mammoth Hunt



Does prehistoric history bore you? Well, then you’ll love Lucy and Andy Neanderthal!


Jeffrey Brown takes an unorthodox approach on ancient history in his brand new book. Using comics to tell this story, he separates fact from fiction when it comes to Neanderthals, the early cousin of humans. For example, did you know that all Neanderthals had a language? From a reader’s perspective, I can say that the misadventures of Lucy and Andy make learning significantly more interesting than just reading a book full of facts.


Together, they go on Mammoth hunts, make tools out of stone, and meet humans! I have to say that although this book isn’t exactly Eisner worthy, I’d buy it because of its humor. It’s not the most distinguished book, although it is very humorous, along with a good plot line that you usually don’t find in graphic novels. It seeks to keep the story going without over-complicating things. It’s not so huge on character development, although everyone has a strong voice. Andy seeks to impress older children in his herd which often serves as a comical plot line.


I also really like the motley cast of characters such as Andy, Lucy, and their parents’ friend, Mr. Darrel. Each character is different than the next with unique personalities. Rather than telling a story that comes to a conclusion, this book gives the reader a view into a few days of the Neanderthals’ lives, which is pretty casual considering that most literary characters have to undergo a quest, save the world, or survive a rough patch in life. It is also quite an easy read as it only took me an hour.


No matter how you want to look at it, this book is a good read, and considering how quick it is, it might be a good choice to read on a rainy day.