The Honest Truth


After Mark’s cancer returns, he knows his future is filled with doctor visits and and hospital stay. Not wanting to end his life in a hospital bed, he sets out on an adventure with his dog, Beau, to fulfill his dream of climbing Mount Rainier.


Over the course of “The Honest Truth” by Dan Gemeinhart, Mark encounters many obstacles, meets new, inspiring people, as he becomes an inspirational figure himself.


The story is also told from the perspective of Jesse, Mark’s best friend, whom he left behind on his expedition. Jesse faces many emotional challenges, as well has to make some difficult decisions that affect her and many others.


Over the course of the story, you slowly discover more about Mark and his past fighting cancer and making memories with Jesse and Beau, which help the reader to connect with Mark.


Due to this, this novel is definitely a tearjerker and is for a more mature audience.


I really enjoyed this novel, and it is a nice, quick read, perfect for the cozy winter days. I really liked all of the unexpected twists and turns, as well as being introduced to many creative and unique characters.


Mark’s story is quite adventurous and is definitely a page turner.  I would definitely recommend this book, however, it is catered toward 12 and older due to heavy topics.


I would rate this book five out of five stars and really cannot think of any negative feedback.