Woof unleashes a fun read!


Police Report
Name: Ms. Gaux
Scene: Gaux Family Fish and Bait
Item Stolen: Black Marlin Named Black Jack


Something is wrong in the Louisiana swamp. Birdie and Bowser know it. In 1945, Birdie’s great grandfather caught a champion black marlin off of Grand Isle when he came back from the war and mounted it on the wall of Gaux Family Fish and Bait. Now, it was gone. It was up to Birdie and her new dog pal, Bowser, to find it. They do daring things to try and reclaim the prize marlin, Black Jack, such as following suspicious people into houses at night and taking a canoe through a swamp by themselves.


This 293 page novel, “Woof”, by Spencer Quinn, recently published Spring 2016, holds suspense and fun. The book is clever and unique with the perspective being Bower’s point of view. Bowser can sniff out a great book, and this is definitely one of them. The book is realistic fiction mystery, my personal favorite, and it kept me reading till midnight. The book includes juicy details to help readers visualize what’s happening. This book is probably for ages 8+, or even younger if read with an adult. If you like realistic fiction/mystery animal novels then this book is perfect for you. Spencer Quinn paints a visual picture in your head that shows great craftsmanship. This book was placed on New York Times Bestselling Author list and I along with readers can see why. It definitely deserved its CCBA (Colorado Children’s Book Award).And I think Bowser would agree with that great nose of his.