Newest Flanagan Prequel Kicks Off With a War


John Flanagan’s newest book reviews the biggest war in Araluen history. If you are a Ranger’s Apprentice fan, you will know the name Hackham Heath. If not, Hackham Heath is the place where rebellious Baron Morgarath’s creatures battled King Duncan’s small army. It is a battle of 250 royal troops against over 1000 Wargals (a horrible beast that is a fearless mix of an ape and a bear). Wargals have two weaknesses, though. The first is that they are completely terrified of horses. They are controlled by any person who has a strong enough mind to get complete control of them. If their controller feels fear or dies, then the Wargal turns into a hopeless baby, making it useless in battle.

However, the battle was made fair by the fact that the royal army has 20 archers, called rangers, that shoot 3 arrows a second. This tends to even out the numbers. Also, the Wargals can only follow basic commands like attack and retreat. This means that none of them ever went for the rangers.

Halt, the famed ranger from another kingdom, leads a cavalry charge (horseback attack) into the exposed backs of the Wargals, making them die and flee in fear from the relentless battering and destruction caused by the enemy horses. This leads to Morgarath’s ultimate hatred of Halt.

“The Battle of Hackham Heath” is the second book in a new prequel series from best-selling author John Flanagan called “Ranger’s Apprentice: The Early Years”. This is Flanagan’s second series attached to “Ranger’s Apprentice”. He also wrote the six books of “Brotherband Chronicles” which takes place in a country across a vast ocean.

This book has a great plot. At least twice in every chapter, there is something that keeps you reading until someone steps in and stops you. There are no illustrations in this 346 page book.
I think this book would be best for people who have read “Ranger’s Apprentice” and are ages 9 and up. This is another of John Flanagan’s astonishing books.