Colorado Gives Makes it Easier for Kids to be Generous


Colorado Gives runs a massive online program that allows people to make easy donations to over 2,000 non-profits, and it’s also the source of Colorado Gives Day. It’s easy to donate, the only thing you need is a credit card, which happens to be something many kids in the 14 and under age range don’t have easy access to. A new program aims to change that, and make it easier for kids to be generous too.

Kids for Colorado Gives is a recently incorporated part of the extensive Colorado Gives website. Instead of having to have access to a credit card, or having to input personal information like name and email address, Kids for Colorado Gives works off of a gift card. These gift cards, which range in price, can be purchased off the main site using a credit card, and donated to any non-profit on the kid’s website. Kids for Colorado Gives, which can be found at the url, also differs from the main site in its selection of organisations included. All of the non-profits represented are kid-friendly and kid-orientated, making it easier for kids to help other kids with only limited help from adults.

The programme plans on expanding too, according to one of the directors of the programme, Kayla Arnesen. One of their plans for the programme includes the establishment of a kid advisory board for kids of all ages to propose ways to improve the site. In addition, Kids for Colorado Gives may be the beginning of an expansion for the organisation. Playing off of the “natural generosity” of kids, the programme is considering expanding to connect kids with volunteering opportunities, which would allow kids to see the nonprofits they have the chance to help fund.

Really though, the current focus of Kids for Colorado Gives is on education. The site was designed to “…encourage the next generation to experience giving,” says Arnesen. It was developed as a natural extension to Colorado Gives, and it aims to make giving more efficient and fun for a younger generation.