Darling Dimple – Dragon Thwarter


100 Dresses: If The Magic Fits by Susan Maupin Schmid is about a young Under-scrubber (dishwasher) named Darling Dimple who discovers there’s a magical world just out of reach. Darling’s mom died when she was born and is forced to spend all of her time in the Under-cellar of a large Castle. When a request from the Upper-attic comes down asking for a girl to fill the spot of an Under-presser who just lost her job, Darling is sent away to go work for someone else in the castle. Along with her new position comes homesickness and a terrible roommate who puts sand in her bed and glue in her brush. Darling’s inexperience with ironing means she has to start on stuff that does not touch the princesses skin. While ironing she starts to daydream and accidentally scorches a napkin. If her boss Lindy found out she would never be able to show her face in the castle ever again. While trying to find a place to hide the napkin a girl who dresses the princess gave Darling a canary for her to put some place where the princess would not hear it singing. To hide the canary and napkin, Darling goes into one of Princess Mariposas’ closets and finds a small table and places the canary’s’ cage on top of the napkin. When she finally looks around she finds that she is in Queen Candace’s old closet. Suddenly the dresses stirred! Was she being watched?

This book is filled with magic, mysterious characters, mythical creatures, and a young girl’s desire to escape into a better life. If I were grading this book I would give it an “A” and recommend it to girls aged 8-12.