All you need to do is Sing!


Illumination Entertainment brings you the one-of-a-kind family animation, Sing.

This movie was made for the ones who enjoy comedy, a portion of realistic drama, fun, and the right dose of reality balanced out by the main characters, who were all types of animals.

During the movie, the film portrays how a theatre-enthusiast koala named Buster Moon (voiced by Matthew McConaughey) struggles to keep his Theater going- and showing humorous ways he’s scraping up money- until he gets the idea to put on a singing competition. The singing competition includes a grand prize of 1,000 dollars, mistaken to be 100,000 dollars by all of the contestants…
Lured in by the promotional flyers, animals of all kind come and audition for the show. After a lot of comedic auditions that was sure to make the audience watching be entertained, the finalists get selected.

Immediately, the family troubles and dilemmas facing each character start. Ash (Voiced by Scarlett Johansson) faces a boyfriend that may be sliding away from her, and growing closer to another. Johnny (Voiced by Taron Egerton) faces his fathers’ lawbreaking gang and is to choose between a dream and family. Rosita (Voiced by Reese Witherspoon) faces all of her energetic twenty-five children and a way to get all of them to school with a meal… without her there, also, working with a great dancer that may have the ‘spiciness’ she does not. Meena (Voiced by Tori Kelly) faces the #1 fear of America-public speaking, or public singing. Mike (Seth MacFarlane), small as he is plans to win. However, puts the truth at stake.

Nonetheless, the number one thing on Buster Moon’s (Matthew McConaughey) list is to get money, and from the fiercest grandmother ever. She must be impressed, however, over-the-top brings them straight to a thrilling problem that includes the regular good-old stage drama.

Picking back up the broken shards, and setting down the sponge, the finalists and Buster Moon (Matthew McConaughey) needs to give the performance of a lifetime, and it’s a beautifully produced climax that was bursting with a blast of energy to end it phenomenally. Not to mention a heartfelt act of kindness that ties the knot at the end.

On the side note, I thought it flowed and fit amazingly together to make an enjoyable movie that would probably be most enjoyed by people who understand a business is a lot of work. Also, nothing is without flaws- the prime question I was pondering over was simply why was this story represented by animals? Perhaps to add a comedic look to it or add or more young perspective. Either way, they used it to their advantage to add jokes and more to the plot line.

Personally, I believe Illumination Entertainment executed this story perfectly. It wasn’t a complex tale, but it was just simple. Like stated before, they used every single point of view and trait to their advantage to make Sing a smooth-running and worthy movie.