Christmas Classic with a Happy Ending


“A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens will be at the Stage Theatre in the Denver Performing Arts Center from November 25th through December 24th. This is the 24th time that this play has been performed at the Denver Center!

In this classic Christmas show, Ebenezer Scrooge (played by Sam Gregory) is a grumpy, grouchy old man that never spends his money and yet never shares his money with others. The show is about how he goes through a lot of changes that results in him becoming nicer, friendlier, and less of a penny pincher. One of the main things that helps change Ebenezer is Tiny Tim (played by Owen Zitek). Tiny Tim is this little kid that is really poor, has a leg brace, and yet is very joyful. He is the son of Bob Cratchit (played Brian Vaughn) who works for Ebenezer. When Ebenezer sees that Tiny Tim will die if he doesn’t give Bob Cratchit a raise, Ebenezer is devastated.

The story involves a series of ghosts. The ghost of Christmas Past (played by Latoya Cameron), the ghost of Christmas Present (played by Wayne W. Pretlow) and the ghost of Christmas Yet To Come (played by Napoleon M. Douglas) that visit Ebenezer all in one night (Christmas Eve) in order to show him fragments of his life. Ebenezer sees what he’s done in the past, what is happening in the present, and the consequences if he doesn’t change in the future.


In this version of the play, the Ghost of Christmas Past looks like an angel, the Ghost of Christmas Present looks a lot like Santa Claus, and the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come looks like a Grim Reaper (he does not even speak one word). One of my favorite characters was Mr. Fezziwig (played by Michael Fitzpatrick) who was a fun character that had glasses, looked very happy and full of cheer, and was really funny especially when he was dancing. Ebenezer worked for Mr. Fezziwig in the past. One of my favorite scenes was during the Fezziwig party scene when the male actors were singing and dancing and clinking their metal mugs together in harmony.

The actors are all really talented and gave each character very specific personalities. They all had British English accents, so it was sometimes hard to understand their pronounciation.

My favorite part of the show was when Ebenezer decided to change his ways. This is really hard to do in real life. However, I think more people should really look at life and be open to changing their ways.