MessMatz is an 18’’ by 24” silicone craft mat designed to protect surfaces from arts and crafts projects. One of my favorite features is the edging around the entire mat. This protects things from rolling away and keeps the mess contained. I found this particularly useful, especially when working with beads or other objects that are easy to lose. I also enjoyed how simple it was to clean the surface. Once it gets dirty, you can wipe it down with a wet cloth and all the mess will disappear. This product is also a convenient size, and can protect surfaces large and small.


Another pleasing feature is the silicone material. Because of this, sticky, difficult materials, such as hot glue. can be easily peeled off of the mat. This also makes the mat bendable and able to be roll up and be stored without taking up much space, which is essential if you have a lack of space to store materials such as this. One downside to this product that if little ones are not careful, you can easily cut into the mat with scissors. Also,small materials such as glitter or thread stick to the mat, however this can be easily taken care with a wet cloth.


I would definitely recommend MessMatz as a gift for any age. While it is marketed toward a younger audience, it would be an appreciated gift for any crafter in your life. Made in blue, pink, and green, you can pick one to suit whoever you are giving it to, whether that be friends, family, or even yourself.