Colorado House Rabbit Society has 168 waiting for homes


Ming is a white bunny with brown ears and nose, who is very lucky to be taken in by the Colorado House Rabbit Society. He is one of the 168 rabbits rescued by Nancy LaRoche, who is the owner of the shelter in Broomfield.

All of her rabbits have very sad stories. Ming was abandoned by her owner. A lot of her bunnies were strays. Some were abandoned like Ming.
But people don’t realize how good of pets rabbits are.

“Rabbits are cute, very friendly and intelligent, and I learn something new about rabbits everyday,” says LaRoche.

LaRoche started this sanctuary in 1991 and it was just her. She called her friends to ask them if they wanted to adopt any rabbits and they told their friends, so they came and she asked them all to help. “I’m too embarrassed to ask people if they want to help me,” says LaRoche, “so I ask if they want to help the bunnies.”

Today she has a shelter that’s run all by volunteers and they need help because they have rabbits that are all colors and sizes, and they definitely need money, because they have a lot of medical costs.

“I would like people to know that bunnies make wonderful house pets,” says LaRoche.

Also, bunnies have a sense of humor, she says. “I had one bunny that was so funny, he would run across my shoes and untie them. And when I was working with all of these papers in my lap, he would jump up on my head, and then on my lap, and everything would go everywhere. I knew he was laughing. It just seemed that he was smiling.”

But if you want a pet bunny, you are going to need to get two bunnies because they are very social creatures. One time there was a stray bunny at the park, LaRoche says, and the only other animals there were ducks. Soon the bunny got to the shelter. “One day I heard quacking and I looked all over then I realized the bunny was making that sound! He was so desperate for companionship that he learned how to quack!”

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