Rogue One “May the force be with you”



“Rogue One” is the new Star Wars movie in theaters this month.


“Rogue One” is its own story which takes place in the time period between the third and fourth Star Wars episodes, so whether this your first Star Wars movie or you have seen all seven prior movies you will be entertained and not left out.


There is not one minute you are bored, every second is action-packed and filled with suspense on steroids!


However, there are a number of violent fighting scenes that younger viewers, seven and under will find too scary.


And prepare yourself for heartbreak, but hope is on the horizon.


Think of a super cool roller coaster and you will have emotions swing in this movie: Happy, sad, mad, scared, nervous and relieved, it’s all there.


I liked the movie very much and enjoyed it because, to reiterate, there is not a second of boredom.


The movie also showcase many planets and points of views, so make sure to keep close attention.


The movie digs deeper into each side of conflict in the realm of the worlds during the timeline of the movie: The Empire and its evil generals, the Rebellion and the Alliance and its senators.


And especially the main character Jyn, whose family is right smack in the middle of both sides.


All the motivation behind main characters comes forward so that you know why they do what they do whether you agree with it or not.


And although there is a host of new characters to meet in this movie, some familiar faces will be in this new story.


Darth Vader makes his appearance, but there is no sign of Anakin!


I think watching this movie will definitely be worth your money, so think about putting tickets to “Rogue One” on your holiday list this year!


And may the Force be with you!!!!