Dog Lovers Go To Book


Its winter time and a lot of people like to get comfy and read a book, others have reading assignments and need a decent sized book to review. The book I suggest is A Dogs Life, written by Ann M. Martin. If you’re an animal lover (specifically a dog person) this book will bring both laughter and tears.

The book is told by a dog named “Squirrel” and believe it or not “Squirrel” is the main character! The story base starts by explaining what “Squirrels” childhood was like, then it moves into her past all the owners she cycled through. I’ll let you read the end (Warning) it’s a touching ending and may cause tears. If you prefer the movie before the book, this might not be the best book for you, there is no movie for this book yet. Age levels that would enjoy this book are Tween’s and seniors (11-65). I think this age group would enjoy the book because for tweens it has meaning and the lesson of living life to the fullest, and for seniors because it shows the memories over time of “Squirrels” life and I think that would make the seniors recap there life and see just how great it is. The book contains content similar to the series of books called Saving Zasha, If you’ve read those books and liked them then this book may be a good read for you. If you like this book and want more of Ann M. Martin go check out her book called A Corner Of The Universe.

If your ever looking for a 182 page book that warms your heart and is enjoyable to read then head on over to your local bookstore and purchase or rent A Dog’s Life by Ann M. Martin.