The Iron Trial


The Iron Trial, a stunning novel by Cassandra Clare and Holly Black, follows the story of young Callum Hunt. Call’s dad had told him about the Magisterium, the place where he learned to be a mage, all his life. The tales were all about the absolute evil the school was, getting lost in the dark, underground tunnels and torture performed by mentors. After all, the Magisterium had killed Call’s mom and crippled Call with shattered leg (or so his dad said). So when Call is forced to face the entrance exam to the Magisterium, he tries his best to fail. The result is Call’s unrestrained magic everywhere, and Master Rufus, the most prestigious mage at the Magisterium and Dad’s former teacher, choosing him for training. Now Call will have to survive all the agony that he has been told about at the Magisterium. Can he perhaps make some friends? Will he survive? Can he uncover the dusty business of his mother’s true demise, and who he really is? Find out in this thriller novel, book one of the Magisterium Series.

My immediate reaction to this series is mixed up Harry Potter, with the parent/s hating magic and the kid ending up going to a magic school. Yet the Iron Trial is different because said kid hates magic school with all his heart and stays close to the parent’s beliefs, not rebellious at all (which Harry clearly is). This is a slightly humorous, action packed, twist-and-turn adventure in the modern world. The Copper Gauntlet, book 2, is already out and, with the huge cliff hanger at the end of book 1, you’ll definitely want to read it.