New Heart-Melting Space Story is an Instant Hit


The new book “See You in the Cosmos Carl Sagan” was an instant hit in my house. It’s heart-melting story will leave you giving a 5-star review. The story focuses on one small boy with big dreams. Alex is a kid who enters SHARF’s contest for launching rockets. SHARF is a space program affiliated with NASA that includes an annual rocket launch and prize, called the civet prize. The prize ( a $50,000 check) is presented by Lander Civet, the program operator. Alex travels the distance from Rockview, Colorado to Los Angeles to launch his rocket. But Alex’s rocket has a catch. He attached a gold-painted ipod that had recordings of earthly life to his rocket to be launched into space to alien life forms. This method is shown many times in the book. Whenever Alex is recording, it shows the book in a script for a movie type of manner with the names in front.


The main part of the story though, is after the SHARF launch. Alex then finds his sister in Las Vegas. He did not even know he had a sister! He found his sister while looking for his lost dog, who’s name was Carl Sagan. Carl Sagan is Alex’s hero.He carpooled with the people he carpooled with to get to SHARF and He, Tara (his sister), and his carpool buddies drove to LA and visited his older Brother (who he did know about), who’s name is Ronnie. They return home to find Alex’s mom missing, and then when Alex climbs up his roof with a brand new telescope, someone attacks him and he falls and injures himself in a way I cannot tell you… Much more is heard of in this thrilling and sad adventure.


This chapter book reveals no pictures. But, I expect that, being occupied with his 314 page adventure, Jack Cheng (the author) did not have time to sketch pictures. This is an outstanding page turner that I recommend for anyone ages 9 to 90! The author does a fantastic job of explaining the story to the audience. It has a 5-star rating from me, hope you enjoy it!