The Dreaded Life of a Middle Schooler and His Dog


Middle School ‘Dog’s Best Friend’ by James Patterson and Chris Tebbetts is about a kid named Rafe, his dog Junior, and his sister Georgia. Rafe wants to start a dog walking business, and he doesn’t want his mom to know about it because she may get mad at him and not let him do it. He always walks his dog to a place called the ‘park and bark’. The ‘park and bark’ is a dog park. He went to the homes of owners of dogs that he saw there and talked to them about whom they would like to walk their dogs. He was going to charge $5 a dog. However his first customer he walked the dog for free and that customer happened to be a magician.


The storyline focuses a lot on the business, his life at home, and how much money that Rafe and his family has. You will get to hear all about the dog walking business and what happens during his many trips out and about.


Rafe’s sister gets moved ahead in school (despite being one year older) and ends up in almost every class with him. There are also twins in the book that end up being rather mischievous, and Rafe has to figure out what to do about them. This obviously causes a lot of friction. I won’t tell you what they did or how Rafe deals it, I’ll let you learn about that in the book.


This story is a comedy. Even though it is about a middle school kid, you don’t have to be in middle school to get the humor. Although, if you are in middle school, and especially if you have an obnoxious sibling, you will be able to easily relate to the story.


In my opinion the book should have been longer. It is about 225 pages long and has a decent amount of pictures. I think the author could have gone into more details about the fight scenes and even included a few more photos. I also would have liked to see the story extended because I just wasn’t ready for the book to end. I really enjoyed reading it.