Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard: The Sword of Summer



Magnus Chase has never been the type to fit in. Right before his mother was killed in their apartment, she told him to run. Ever since many people have blamed him for the death of his mother.


He has no home and therefore lives on the streets of Boston. Blitz and Hearthstone are the only people he trusts. The three of them are constantly running from the police and trying to find some food.


On his 16th birthday, he learns that the police aren’t the only people trying to track him down. His Uncle Randolph is searching for him as well, a man his mother had always told him to stay away from.


Soon enough the two meet and Magnus’s life flips around. He learns his father is a Norse god. Uncle Randolph drives Magnus to the Charles River and informs Magnus there is a sword in the water that only he can retrieve.


After retrieving the sword, Magnus comes face to face with the fire giant Surt. A heated battle follows the encounter and leaves Magnus Chase dead. Despite his current state, Magnus wakes up and learns that he is now in Valhalla, an afterlife for those who died heroically.


Everybody in Hotel Valhalla is trained to fight in Ragnarok, also known as Doomsday. Magnus soon realizes Doomsday is closer than everyone believes. Soon he runs away from the comfort of Hotel Valhalla to fight a battle only he can.


The Sword of Summer by Rick Riordan is a well crafted book that will hook readers immediately. The characters are very relatable to many readers even though they don’t have Norse parents. Magnus Chases’s sarcastic sense of humor will keep the audience laughing throughout the book.


Rick Rioradan has again beautifully combined mythology with the modern world. The book gives a lot of information about Norse mythology to anyone who wants the learn the basics of it in an exciting read.


I would highly recommend this book to anyone 10 and and above since there are some battles in the story. The book will keep you up all night. Any fans of Rick Riordan’s past books will definitely not be disappointed by this one.