Last Battle


In “Warrior Bronze,” by Michelle Paver, two teenagers, Hylas and Pirra, are traveling with a lioness named Havoc and a falcon named Echo on the coast of Messenia to get Issi, Hylas’s sister, the dagger of Koronos and to vanquish the crows. Issi has been captured by the crows, a powerful group who want to rule the world.


They venture into a marsh, where the marsh dwellers live. They help Hylas find the dagger of Koronos which he needs to vanquish the crows. Meanwhile the marsh dwellers bring Pirra to find a wisewoman. They knew she was there because Hylas and Pirra helped save her people when the crows destroyed their island, which I assume was described in more detail in another book. With the help of the wisewoman they set out to fight Telamon, the leader of the crows.


Warrior Bronze is a book with a lot of action and fantasy with a very cool made up world. It is the fifth and last book in the series. I would not recommend reading it without reading the earlier books in the series first. The author Michelle Paver has written many books such as Dark Matter, Thin Air and Worlds of the Heart as well as the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness where Warrior Bronze is the fifth book.


The book is good and packed with suspense. Many times it left you hanging on the end of a chapter. Sometimes the book was a bit hard to follow without knowledge of the other books in the series. It had a complex storyline, but it gets explained well afterwards. After reading it I realized that it was maybe for kids eight and up.


The suggested ages for it are 8-12 and I agree. Even without reading the other books this feels like a good conclusion to this series.