Journey’s End


Are you a fan of ghost stories or other legends? If so, you might enjoy “Journey’s End”, a book about three children who have to save a town from being destroyed by magical fog. The town remains blissfully unaware of the fog until a scientist warns them to evacuate because the fog will soon consume the town. Journey’s End makes most of it’s money from tourism, so the locals refuse to leave.


Meet Nolie, an adventure-seeking girl who is in Journey’s End, Scotland visiting her scientist father. He has left America to study a folk legend about fog that natives believe swallows boats. She soon meets a girl named Bel, whose family owns a gift shop that attracts tourists and takes them out to the fog. Nolie and Bel’s adventures soon lead them to a cave on the beach where they meet Albert, a boy who rowed into the fog and came out a hundred years later. Albert’s lack of knowledge in twenty-first century life is often a well of humor the author draws from to further develop Albert’ character. However, it eventually runs dry and leaves Albert saying strange things like ‘super ace rad’ or ‘nasty jar of bummer’.


The story is slow-moving at first and lacks action, but makes up for this by helping the characters develop and adding to the overall mystery of the story. Towards the end, the action really picks up, with a bittersweet ending that brings the story to a full circle.