Minecraft Xbox One is Better Than Ever


Minecraft is a building game by Mojang, and it has real-life physics and a lot of fa

Minecraft is a building game by Mojang, and it has real-life physics and a lot of fake physics. For example, sand will fall, but stone or dirt will not. But, just like in real life, melting sand creates glass. You may purchase Minecraft on a mobile device, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Chromebook, PS4, PS3, Play Station, and more. You must pay (the price varies depending on the device) to get the game. If you get it or have it, do not worry, it automatically updates. You may buy the game online or on a DVD, and it still auto-updates.

The update added rocket-propelled elytra flight, iron nuggets, and an attack indicator to show when to attack. An elytra is something that, in survival mode, you can only get from the end city. You get to the end city by going to the end via an end portal, and then killing the ender dragon and using its loot to enderpearl (quickly teleport) to the end islands. You then search the islands for the end city. Finally, you go up to the end ship, defeat the shulker (monster) and grab the elytra. The elytra is a vest that allows you to glide off of high places in survival (no cheating, flying etc.) mode.

Iron Nuggets. This is a small nugget of a bar of iron that was added into the update. Before this, only gold nuggets existed, which could be crafted via a crafting table to make a gold bar, of which 9 could be crafted into a gold block that you can place anywhere. You can craft iron nuggets together now to make an iron bar, which you can use to craft stuff like buckets and armor. Sadly, there are not yet diamond nuggets, emerald nuggets, or lapis-lazuli nuggets.

Previously, you had to choose when to attack by yourself, but now, with the new update, it shows you when it is best for you to attack. This way, it makes pvp (player versus player) more interesting and fun. This also made the Minecraft Xbox One edition more like PC/Mac edition by adding in more blocks to build with. I own four types of Minecraft (PC, Mac, Xbox One, and Pocket Edition for a mobile phone), and this update greatly improved this version. And, on top of all that, they fixed quite a few bugs, and added a new enchantment for swords. Overall, this is the coolest update I can think of in my Minecraft history. But with over 4 years of experience under my belt, this was a tough competition.