Monster Hunters At It Again


Yet another good book recently came out.

Yet another good book recently came out. #2 in the brand new Max Helsing series, “Max Helsing and the Beast of Bone Creek” was AWESOME. Max Helsing is a 14 year old boy from Gallows Hill, however he has a strange job. Max is a monster hunter. His best friend, Syd, helps him with his job and Wing liu, his researcher, gives them all the facts. He lives with his grandfather, Jed Van Helsing who is also a former monster-hunter. Max is soft though and tends to relocate not kill. This gets him in trouble as he faces off with what he thinks is a sasquatch, but what is it really? Read the book to find out.


He and Syd are on a field trip to Bone Creek when two campers disappear. They go looking for him in the forest and find many strange things like dragons made of stone, and much more. Soon after, Max’s school bully, Kenny Boyle, is abducted too. Sasquatch hunters come from around the world to hunt down bigfoot and soon the town of Bone Creek is swarming with people. How dangerous is this sasquatch?


Max picks his way through the troubling story and finds it leading to his counselor… Action unfolds as he persists in the search for the two campers and his missing bully. This gets so intense that even old Jed, Max’s grandfather, shows up to take on the beast. With the help of his grandpa, Max, Syd, and Abel Archer, an old monster hunting friend, embark on a huge adventure.


With 275 pages this book has only a few pictures, Is easy to read, and flowed well. Curtis Jobling is also author of the first Max Helsing book (Max Helsing and the Thirteenth Curse) and the entire 6-book wereworld series. I give this fantasy novel a 5-star rating.