New Hero, New World, Same Story


Atlantis Lost by T. A. Barron is a fictional book about an immortal named Prometheus (Promi for short). This is the third book of the series after Atlantis Rising and Atlantis in Peril. The story takes place on the mythical island of Atlantis. Promi has just freed his sister and defeated the evil spirit Narkazan. In the years since Promi saved a group of sailors from certain death at sea they have the island of Atlantis into an advanced civilization with plumbing and other more modern luxuries. However, all of this has come at a cost as the magical forest on Atlantis is being affected by pollution and deforestation. Along with the troubles happening on Earth there is also trouble brewing in the spirit realm. Narkazan has somehow returned and is gathering an army. He plans to take over Earth and the spirit realm with this. To make things worse, the magical veil that separates the spirit realm and Earth that was created by Promi’s parents is incredibly weak. If Narkazan found out about it nothing would stop him from going to Earth and taking control. It is all up to Promi and his friends to stop him.

Atlantis Lost is rated for ages 10+. The vocabulary is very easy and there is not any parts where the story becomes convoluted and difficult to understand. The book is 224 pages long. It wasn’t too long and didn’t go on and on like some movies or books. There also wasn’t any very boring parts of the book where nothing was happening. While the book was good it wasn’t very unique. It was your average everyday fantasy book where the hero has to save the day. It is also worth mentioning that you will want to read the first two books of this series in order to know what is happening as it might be disorienting if you don’t.