Fenway and Hattie and the Evil Bunny Gang


If you are a dog lover looking for an exciting, funny, tail wagging book, than Fenway is the dog you want to meet. Fenway is one weird dog. He won’t ever give up trying to prove what he believes. When he finds out anything that he doesn’t like, he always denies the truth.

Fenway thinks he has the best short human in the world. Her name is Hattie. Fenway was just an ordinary dog that goes for walks and plays in the dog park until he finds a new, mysterious stench all around the dog park. Fenway knew it wasn’t a squirrel or bird. The smell was strong in the vegetable patch. All the vegetables were ruined! Just when Fenway started sniffing around, the food lady screamed. After the food lady saw the ruined vegetables, Fenway got banned from the dog park. Later, Fenway’s friends, Goldie and Patches tell him that bunnies probably ate the vegetables.
A few days later Hattie brings a cage home that she got from the neighbors. From the smell, Fenway believes it is an evil bunny in the cage. He thought Hattie captured the evil bunny but later he learns that Hattie has been taking care of Thumper (as so she calls the evil bunny) and not guarding him. When Fenway finally opens his eyes, he sees that Thumper has taken his spot as Hattie’s favorite pet. All of a sudden Hattie is going to Thumper to make her happy. She is also snuggling with Thumper before bed and having Fenway sleep on the floor (which wasn’t normal for him). What will Fenway do next? Will he seek revenge or will he deal with it?
I thought that Fenway and Hattie and the Evil Bunny Gang was a fun book. The point of view was creative because the story was told in a dog’s mind. Though the book started off a little rocky, as I got to the middle it started to get more exiting. Toward the end it was like I couldn’t put the book down. The book was glued to my hands.
I recommend this book for ages 8 and up because it does have some scary parts and is a reasonably long book. I would give this book 4 stars. I really liked Fenway and Hattie and the Evil Bunny Gang. If you are thinking about reading this book, I hope my review was resourceful.