A Dog’s Purpose


A Dog’s Purpose tells the story of one dog’s journey through serving his purpose. Along the way, he changes the lives of his owners and learns what it means to be a dog. 

   Meet Ethan (played by Bryce Gheisar and K.J. Apa), a young boy who finds his beloved dog, Bailey (voiced by Josh Gad), while out shopping with his mom. As he grows up, Bailey does too, and the pair become each other’s closest friend. Bailey is there for Ethan through some of the best and worst times of his life. The story continues as Bailey experiences different lives as different dogs. From a life saving German Shepherd to a lovable corgi, he connects with different owners and leaves a lasting impact on them,as his soul continues to search for the purpose of his existence, eventually coming full circle and reconnecting with Ethan.    

  Though there was not a dry eye in the audience, the film still had humorous elements to it. At many points in the film, Bailey has misconceptions surrounding human behavior. For example, when Ethan’s father returns home from work to see that Bailey had destroyed the perfectly organized papers in his office, Bailey misunderstands his anger for wanting to play.

   One of the things that made this movie especially unique was that Bailey would speak what he was thinking to the audience, though the characters had no idea what he was thinking. The film also would occasionally showcase how Bailey was seeing things in his own eyes. I enjoyed this aspect because it allowed you to see what was happening in a different point of view. 

   The movie also did a good job of setting the pace for each story. Some adventures of his life were more drawn out and heartfelt, while some were short and concise as necessary. Nonetheless, each story was just as touching as the last. I also enjoyed how many aspects of the film were relatable, especially for dog owners.

   This movie is definitely a tearjerker and is sure to have the whole audience crying and laughing at the same time. While the film is rated PG, it does deal with some heavier issues such as alcoholism. Therefore, I would recommend it to ages 9 and up. 

  Overall, A Dog’s Purpose is a heartwarming must-see for dog lovers everywhere. Just be sure to remember to bring lots of tissues!