Romantic Comedy Travels from Planet to Planet


In the movie “The Space Between Us”, the cast explores many different locations including inside a space shuttle, on Mars, and on Earth. Gardner Elliott (Asa Butterfield) and Tulsa (Britt Robertson) are the main characters. Gardner is a 16 year boy who was born somewhere special (I’m not going to tell you where), and no one but Tulsa knows that he even exists.

Tulsa is a strong, brave girl who is Gardner’s girlfriend. She is about the same age as Gardner and lives in Colorado. She is very street smart and this comes in handy in multiple situations. For example, one time Gardner and Tulsa were being chased by the government, and she knew exactly how to get away.

Gardner’s mother died in childbirth while she was the captain of a special colonization trip into outer space. Gardner has a hard life because he has a special health condition that makes it so that he cannot return to Earth. This leaves him stuck living somewhere that he doesn’t want to be, and with very few people to communicate with.

Then there is Gardner’s father, whom Gardner has no clue whom he is. His father is the reason that Gardner rarely gets to interact with other people.

This was a dramatic romance type of movie with adventure. For example, in one scene Gardner got really upset and sad and ran off with a Land Rover that flipped over. Needless to say he got in a bit of trouble for that one! This movie was very emotional, and you could easily connect with the characters. It really pulled me in and I felt like I was living the movie with the characters.

There were a lot of good visuals in the movie, and the plot was easy to understand. This movie felt like a longer movie, but the good type, the type that you do not want to see end. It was a good mix of comedy, romance, action, and drama. I definitely recommend this movie.