The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators has many members who contribute to their writing society in many different ways. Some are authors and some are illustrators. All who collaborate to write books for children.

One of the authors who works for this organization, E.E. Duncan wrote a series “Great Lives in Colorado” about many different notable people in Colorado, who have made lasting impressions. This series has 33 books and are designed specifically for classroom use. Duncan says, “ They all have an index, glossary, table of contents and everything else a fourth grade teacher needs to teach his or her students.” These books can be used with bilingual students, flip the book over, and you have a book written in Spanish.

Another author, Natasha Wing wrote a series for younger kids. This series is called “The Night Before” series. It is a collection of books that were inspired by “The Night Before Christmas”. Natasha said, “This book series captures big moments and holidays in a young kids life. Such as losing a tooth, or getting a pet.” She has written around 28 books, and has a new book coming out in March. This book is about a First Lady, before she becomes the First Lady.

This organization is over 40 years old, and has 100 regions around the world. It has over 2,500 members, who all love writing children’s literature. The SCBWI is for all different people in their stages of becoming or being an author. It has people who are well published authors, self published authors and as they call them yet-to-be published authors.