Be Open


She is passionately curious and makes her readers wonder. Kate Messner is an award winning author, who asks questions when writing, wanting answers, but instead gets surprises along the way.

“It starts with an idea. A little lightbulb that goes off in my head that starts it all.” Messner says. In Messner’s speech, she talked about her writer’s notebook, something she takes with her everywhere she goes. In this notebook, are her thoughts, her ideas that she gets from the world around her. Sometimes these ideas are the start to a new story. Some of them are still waiting, until they can see the light of day.

Messner says the hardest part of the story is the middle of the rough draft. She says, “I have this idea, and I’m like this is going to be the best story ever. Then I start writing it, and suddenly it is not the best story ever.” She went on to say that she wants to go back and fix it, but knows that she has to finish the story.

Her most popular books, consist of the “Ranger in Time” series. A story of a dog named Ranger who has the ability to time travel. Ranger visits place like Rome, the Oregon Trail, the Underground Railroad and many more places to come.

She has also written, “Over and Under the Snow” about the secret world under the snow, “Capture the Flag” about three kids who have to find the American Flag, “The Seventh Wish” which is about a magical fish who grants wishes.

“You need to be open to the surprises around you”, sometimes those surprises can turn into a story. She encourages kids to, “Keep reading, it gives you a sense of the world. And carry a notebook, it helps you to see the world around you better.”