Ethnic Fest


Candles, tamales, jewelry, cupcakes, candy, crepes, pasta, samosas, burritos, Oh my!
On Thursday February 2, Cherry Creek High School hosted an Ethnic Fest where many people in the community celebrated the diversity they are surrounded by. There were a numerous number of performances that showed of the unique culture of many different people around the world.

Everything from Hellenic dancing to Irish dancing was featured at the high school. Twenty-three clubs that discovered the cultures of country had set up booths to raise money by selling foods from the country their club represented.
Along with the different booths and performances, a hallway highlighted the National Art Society working on the Memory Project. Every year, the club is assigned a country which is facing hardships. Each kid is given a picture of a child who has faced many adversities in his or her life. This year, the country chosen was Ukraine and all the children are orphans. The artist can choose the medium to create the portrait (drawing, painting, digital art, collage, etc.). When they finish the portrait, the Memory Project team delivers the portrait to the child and take photos to show the artist. Doing this project helps the artists “see themselves as a work of art”.

Hellenic dancing is traditional Greek Dancing. The dancers believe even though the dances are simple, they love to carry the traditions that had started a long time ago.
A henna artist had a booth and applied simple designs on anyone who wanted one to give people a taste of Indian culture.

Two people from Koffi Togo Cultural Center performed traditional African music. They are proud of their African heritage. The rich music and traditions carried by their ancestors fascinate them. Teaching children with African heritage about the diverse group to which they belong is their goal.

A room was reserved for poetry. Along with learning about different cultures, people got to share the diverse feelings they possess through the art of poetry.

The ethnic fest informed many people about the diversity that one school possess. In the words of one student,” I think it is important to be aware about those who are different from yourself. Especially in this time of politics. The ethnic fest is a great way to do this.”
Another student said,” It’s cool to see a bunch of diversity with all the different clubs and students at the school.”

The ethnic fest was a way for people of all backgrounds to come together to share their differences with the world.