Breckenridge Snow Sculpture Festival


The drive to this year’s Snow Sculpture Championships in Breckenridge from Denver was really long. Traffic was very heavy, so it took over twice as long to get there as usual. Be sure to time your drive away from rush hour ski traffic!

There were 16 snow sculptures. They were all really big. There was not a common theme because each team got to pick their own themes. There was a giant tree with a bunch of deer around it (from Mongolia). There was one with a huge Viking ship with a giant mast (from Iceland). There was a sculpture that reminded me of a prince in a castle with a dragon, that was pretty cool (from Italy). My favorite one was the Viking ship because it was the easiest to understand.

There were also 2 main ice sculptures. One was a bunch of coral with a lot of fish, including angel and clownfish. The second one was two ice poles that were connected. There was a turtle on one of them and an angel fish on the other. They were about a tenth of the size of the snow sculptures. You have to search for them in the festival. Sometimes they put snow in the ice carvings and LED lights behind them to help you see them better.

Other than looking at the sculptures, you could round out the day in the area by skiing, tubing, ice skating, shopping, and enjoying lots of food. My favorite restaurant is Q4U, it’s not really well advertised since the sign was covered in snow, but the food is great BBQ.

There also was one snow sculpture (not in the competition) that looked like a big dump truck. The coolest feature for children was a slide in the front that kids could play on. There was also a model of one of the huge blocks of snow that the teams had to start with, so that you could see how it morphed into a beautiful work of (snow) art.

I have gone to this festival about three times, and I have had fun each year. I highly recommend it, just remember to watch the traffic patterns!